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Clover POS + Mini + Kitchen Printer

Your wait staff can take orders and payments table-side without going back to a register.  The Clover Mini and the POS talk to each other and sends the order directly to the kitchen!


About your new Clover POS + Clover Mini

Clover Station is built to perform as good as it looks! From the fluid motion of the 11.6″ touchscreen display to the sleek brushed aluminum finish, Clover has been designed to meet both your business and image conscious needs. You’ll get a touchscreen display, built-in swivel stand, encrypted card swiper, and a high-speed printer (which doubles as a power and connectivity hub). Optional accessories allow you to further customize your Clover Station

Apps and features right at your fingertips! Clover Station comes pre-configured out of the box, but it doesn’t stop there. Since it was built on an open platform, your business can expand its capabilities by downloading apps and features from the Clover App Marketplace. Tap into the growing community of developers who are constantly adding new apps and features to the Marketplace that can help streamline and grow your business.

Key Features Include:

  • Large and bright 11.6″ touchscreen

  • Brushed aluminum body with white glass accents

  • Encrypted swiper runs down the side of the display for maximum reliability

  • Embedded high-resolution camera for barcode or QR code scanning

  • Proprietary pivot arm swivels smoothly between merchant and customer

  • Reduce cord clutter with a single power source for display and printer

  • Ethernet, wireless, and Bluetooth options for optimal connectivity

  • 4 USB ports to connect peripherals

About your new Kitchen Printer

The Star SP700 series of printers is the most commonly used with iOS and Android POS Software for Restaurants. This impact printer is used to print out kitchen tickets. Please check with your software/app provider to verify compatibility.

The following ethernet version is compatible with Clover: SP742ME (Gray) or SP742ML (Putty)

These kitchen printers are impact printers that use ribbon (SPE-7060). The only versions that works with Clover are the ethernet model and wifi model. For most setups ethernet is recommended over wifi as it is more reliable, easier to setup, and more cost effective. Using an ethernet interface allows the printer to be placed anywhere in your restaurant/cafeteria/deli/business as long as the ethernet connection is on the same network as the clover station. The way that it is configured on the station is that in the app settings the app will look for a Star Micronics SP700 printer when it finds one on the network you can select it and it will print all kitchen orders to that printer. The clover station has no way of knowing that a USB/Parallel/Serial printer is available, it has to be ethernet.

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