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Join Our Energy Sales Team
Take 5 minutes and scroll down to learn more about your new sales career - rated the best sales job in 2019!
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"Customer stickiness goes up 85% if they have 3 or more services through your company"

Why Simplicity

We focus our sales on credit card processing but, why limit your sales to that?  If you worked for our competition, you would likely walk away from a sale with one product or service sold.  We have set ourselves up so your average customer has 3-4 products or services through YOU!

What makes sense for your customer?

  • Credit Card Processing

  • ACH Debit / Credit Services

  • Marketing

  • Consumer Financing

  • Credit Repair

  • Employee Benefits

  • Payroll Services

  • Energy

Simplicity Payments, Inc, headquartered in Dallas Texas is a fast-growing Start-up Company in the Merchant & Energy Industries serving the Nation & 16 Energy Deregulated States including Texas with 393 deregulated Cities, respectively. Simplicity provides multi-channel customer contract in Payment Processing and Energy Portfolio management solutions for Commercial sector, Industrial & Manufacturing entities, the US Federal Government institutions, Independent School Districts and Private Colleges & Universities as well as residential power accounts.

Open Positions: with experience/no-experience: we will train

1. Team Leader/ Supervisor

2. Merchant Sales Rep/Account Manager .

3. Energy Account Executive / Independent Contractor

****Upfront Payment/Commission/Bonus with weekly pay!****

Our sales reps typically see the below numbers within their first 6 months but you can easily outperform these numbers once you become comfortable with our products and services:


5 units - $1000 - $1500 plus monthly residual

10 units-$2000 - $3000 plus monthly residual

15 units $3000 - $4500 plus monthly residual

20 units $5000 - $6000 plus monthly residual


1. Small Commercial - $ 750 ×5=$3750 -- Usage: 300,000 KWH/50KW year or 25,000 KWH monthly of $62.50

2. Medium Commercial $1250 x 5 = $6,250 Usage: 500,000 KWH/ yr or 41,667 KWH monthly of $104.17

3. Large Commercial = $2000 × 5 = $10,000 Usage: 1 MW/1M KWH/yr. or 83,334 KWH monthly of $166.67

With only 3 commercial accounts mentioned above the total production is $20,560 only (1.8 MW) with an upfront pay of $4000 & monthly residual of: $333.35!

This is doable bi-weekly or monthly a total Usage consumption of 150,000 KWH a month. Now if you can produce 3.6 MW your total amount production is $ 41,120 an upfront of $8000 plus monthly residual of $666.70.


No other company at this present pandemic offer Upfront payment and Bonus.


In your local area, you can find business left and right.  Approach them, learn about their needs and offer them solutions.  Not only Energy but also offer solutions for their Credit Card processing needs, cash loans, ATM machines, and even marketing services, we have your clients needs met.  But, we can't sell them anything if you aren't approaching them.  Your sales manager will teach you the tricks to the trade.

Your Customers:

There are millions of business around us.  Each and every one is a potential customer.  We are looking for small to medium size businesses that are looking for better customer service, rates, or equipment needs.  We offer residential energy as well!

What Else You Can Sell:

Stores take credit cards.  We provide services and equipment so those companies can accept them.  It isn't complicated and your sales manager and you will work together to provide the solutions that fit THE NEEDS OF THE COMPANY you are offering our services too.  Weather it be a simple solution or very complicated.  You are not on your own and we make sure the company knows they are not on their own either.  


A Self-Ordering POS System Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Revenue For Your Restaurant



Self-Ordering Kiosks Are The Way of the Future!

Speedy, accurate, and cost efficient.


We Make It Easy:

Do you have a list of business you have approached in other industries or past careers that went nowhere?  What could have happened if you would have gone back, followed up, or had more support and knowledge behind you when you walked in the door?  What if there was a way for you to make sales without even making sales?

At Simplicity we have a solution.  As you are prospecting new business we have a place for you to put those leads.  When you add them to the system right thee on the spot your sales manager will reach out and call them the same day.  They will try and book you an appointment to come back.  Better yet.... they will sell them over the phone!  

But who gets credit you may ask?  YOU!  100% of the commission goes in your pocket!  Well heck....  That is different isn't it?  You are our priority.

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