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Join Our Sales Team


Take 5 minutes to learn about the career you applied for:
Take 5 minutes to learn about the career you applied for:

Not to brag or anything but how does our $107,600 First year average sound?

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If we haven't reached out to you already, we will.

We would love for you to join our team but first we think its important for you to understand what the position entails:


This position is a commission based opportunity with multiple revenue streams!

  1. Up-Front Commission: Every time you make a sale you receive an up-front commission for your activity.  Our average commission is over $600 per sale.  There is absolutely no cap on the up-front commission.  Are you ready to make some real money?!

  2. Residuals: Every time a customer walks into the store you just sold our services to and swipes their credit card, Simplicity makes a piece of that action....... and so do you!  You make 25% of our profit for as long as you are working with Simplicity.  Our representatives average residuals are about $50 per month per account.  Lets do the math here.....  If you make 8 sales per month that is $400 in residuals.  This time next year you will be making $4,800 before you get out of bed!

Dollar Bills

Lets do the math:  If you make 8 sales per month at $600 average commission, that is $4,800 this month or $57,600 in up-front commissions.  Then there are bonuses.  For accounts that you prospect on your own there is a $300 bonus!  If even half of those sales are yours (Other half from the 2-3 apts per day we make for you) that is an additional $14,400 bringing your monthly pay to $6,000 or $72,000 per year.  Now lets add those residuals.....  Month 12 you will make on average $4,800 that month before you even get out of bed (industry average is $50 per account per month)!   Add those prior months growing residuals and you will have made $107,600 your first year!  But wait.... remember.... it keeps growing.  Year 2 you will be making closer to $143,000 and it keeps growing!  Thats about a $37,000 pay raise each year you are with us. 

Remember.... these are averages.  If you are a go-getter you can double that!  Lets make some money.


In your local area, you can find business left and right.  Approach them, learn about their needs and offer them solutions.  From Credit Card processing needs, cash loans, ATM machines, and even marketing services, we have your clients needs met.  But, we can't sell them anything if you aren't approaching them.  Your sales manager will teach you the tricks to the trade.

Your Customers:

There are millions of business around us.  Each and every one is a potential customer.  We are looking for small to medium size businesses that are looking for better customer service, rates, or equipment needs.  

Clothing Store

What You are Selling:

Stores take credit cards.  We provide services and equipment so those companies can accept them.  It isn't complicated and your sales manager and you will work together to provide the solutions that fit THE NEEDS OF THE COMPANY you are offering our services too.  Weather it be a simple solution or very complicated.  You are not on your own and we make sure the company knows they are not on their own either.  


We Make It Easy:

Do you have a list of business you have approached in other industries or past careers that went nowhere?  What could have happened if you would have gone back, followed up, or had more support and knowledge behind you when you walked in the door?  What if there was a way for you to make sales without even making sales?

At Simplicity we have a solution.  As you are prospecting new business we have a place for you to put those leads.  When you add them to the system right thee on the spot your sales manager will reach out and call them the same day.  They will try and book you an appointment to come back.  Better yet.... they will sell them over the phone!  

But who gets credit you may ask?  YOU!  100% of the commission goes in your pocket!  Well heck....  That is different isn't it?  You are our priority.

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