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Speedy, accurate, and cost efficient.

A Self-Ordering POS System Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Revenue For Your Restaurant

Self-Ordering Kiosks Are The Way of the Future!


Self Ordering

Self Ordering Kiosk

Mobile App Orders

Social Media Orders



Restaurants can get pretty busy. Crunch self-ordering kiosk systems can speed things up. Quicker lines means you can serve more people. Shorter wait times means happier customers. Everybody wins!


It can get pretty noisy in a packed restaurant. Don't worry about any orders getting lost in translation. Self-ordering kiosks will allow your guests to order accurately every time. This means less wasted product and happier customers!

Cost Effective

Your Crunch self-ordering kiosk acts as a staff member taking orders from hungry customers. You'll be able to assign your real staff to more important tasks, increasing profitability. 

Real-Time Data Receipt

The moment your customer places an order, you receive it in real-time. No delays, no nonsense, just simplicity. 

Order Confirmation

Confirm the order form pre-set times or manual times. Or simply put the order on hold. 

Order Details

Before you confirm an order, you will be able to see all the details. If you'd like, print the order out before confirming it. 

Status Updates

When the order is ready for delivery of pickup, simply mark it as ready and your customer will get an update on the order sta

Adelo Express

Seamless Integration

Aldelo Express is a leading cloud-based POS system. 

We integrate with your current POS, so there's no need to change your operation. Your online orders go directly to your POS, so you can focus on what you do best: making great food!

  • Advance ordering.

  • Automatic kitchen printing.

  • Automated daily menu syncing

  • Special notes and online ordering number.

  • Auto settlement for paid order.

  • Add/remove categories from online ordering page and apps.

  • Designate featured menu items

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Integration with Virtually any POS System

Integration with your existing POS system



We can work with you!

Simplicity wirks with virtually every POS provider or you can use the add-on Manager.  Manager is a custom built, Android base, order receiving app which allows you to streamline your incoming orders and communicate better with your hungry customers. It is fully integrated with all printers, which you can buy directly from us.

Pick Your Plan


Standard Menu

Social Media Ordering (Facebook/Instagram)

Mobile Ordering

Back Office (Analytics, Reports, Customers Info)


New website design, hosting and management (optional)

Basic Social Media Management (Facebook/Instagram)

Social Media Campaigns

SEO (Google)


Crunch Self Ordering Kiosk

Aggressive Social Media Campaigns (Lead Generations or Clicks Campaigns) 

Email Marketing (Promotions, Events, News, Tastings, etc.)

Restaurant Phone App (iOS & Android)

Access to Push Notifications (Promotions, Coupons, Specials)  

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