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We are launching our digital marketing ​division and we are looking for ONE solid director with the experience to launch us to the next level!
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Complete Marketing Solutions


This is a 1099 work-from home position.  Currently Simplicity has over 50 outside sales and inside sales reps accross the nation selling Credit Card Processing.  With a goal of opening up a new department that involves all aspects of digital marketing we are looking for that perfect person with the industry knowledge to help start the department, grow a team and profit with us all the way to the top.


You need to be highly motivated and and have moderate experience in the digital marketing industry.  If you are navigating through this website and do not understand the products and services, this job is not for you.  However, if you do, and you are a go-getter on the phones, can teach others to do what you did to be successful, have management ability and most of all EXPERIENCE DOING IT...... get ready to be a part of the family!

  • 5 years+ digital marketing experience

  • Management Background in the marketing industry

  • Sales experience

  • Understanding of the sales process

  • Comfort in closing the deal!

  • Time management skills

  • Phone / Computer with Camera / place to work

Please understand that although this is a inside sales position, you will be best served by focusing on your local area.  This means if you need to go out and close the deal or follow up in person you may need to do such.

"Customer stickiness goes up 85% if they have 3 or more services through your company"

Why Simplicity

We are a robust company.  We offer a variety of services so that once a customer is aquired, we can be a one stop shop for them.  Why limit your sales to one product or service?  If you worked for our competition, you would likely walk away from a sale with one product or service sold.  We have set ourselves up so your average customer has 3-4 products or services through YOU!

What makes sense for your customer?

  • Credit Card Processing

  • ACH Debit / Credit Services

  • Marketing

  • Consumer Financing

  • Credit Repair

  • Employee Benefits

  • Payroll Services


As we launch we will need your expertise to help us build a competitive marketing firm.  We have the platform, that allows you to simply manage the day to day sales, training, and management of your team.  We will provide through our current recruitment department the sales agents you need and as we grow the managers under you as well.  

As we are currently live and able to sell, you can immediately start making sales of your own and as we start feeding you applicants, begin interviewing your team.

The applicant must have a STRONG knowledge of the industry.   Please understand as a director level manager you will be the top of the food chain!  When questions need answered there is no one higher than you to ask so we cant stress enough the product knowledge and the ability to lead a PROFITABLE team.

Your Pay:

This position is 1099.  You will initially work from home (1st year likely) at wich point we will be moving into an office environment where you will be able to grow your inside sales and or outside sales teams.  However until you have a big enough team to make a living strictly off of the overrides from them, you will need to be producing sales of your own as well.  We will start you off at 10% of all profit as well as 20% residuals off of your own sales each month.  Additionally you can keep ANY placement fee you bring in.  

Your Overrides:

As you build your team you will make a 5%  override on all of their efforts.


The Numbers:

You sell:

SEO package.


$1,000 per month


250 Activation Fee


20% of remaining $350 for 6 months:

$70 x 6


100% of Activation Fee:







30% house:












Your Rep Sells:

SEO package.


$1,000 per month


250 Activation Fee

10% Residuals Override

$35 per month for 6 months 


3 sales a week for you​ is $72,360 per year 

3 sales a week from your rep​ is $4,640 per year (per rep) 

You and a team of 10 = $118,760 per year

Plus up to $30,000 in bonuses per year

(for every $10K in monthly renewable sales per rep = $250 paid monthly)

Total First Year = $148,760


First Month:



$70 for 5 more months



Up-Sell Capabilities

Stores take credit cards.  We provide services and equipment so those companies can accept them.  It isn't complicated and your sales manager and you will work together to provide the solutions that fit THE NEEDS OF THE COMPANY you are offering our services too.  Weather it be a simple solution or very complicated.  You are not on your own and we make sure the company knows they are not on their own either.  


A Self-Ordering POS System Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Revenue For Your Restaurant



Self-Ordering Kiosks Are The Way of the Future!

Speedy, accurate, and cost efficient.

Annotation 2020-08-03 113944.jpg

We Make It Easy:

Do you have a list of business you have approached in other industries or past careers that went nowhere?  What could have happened if you would have gone back, followed up, or had more support and knowledge behind you when you walked in the door?  What if there was a way for you to make sales without even making sales?

At Simplicity we have a solution.  As you are prospecting new business we have a place for you to put those leads.  When you add them to the system right thee on the spot your sales manager will reach out and call them the same day.  They will try and book you an appointment to come back.  Better yet.... they will sell them over the phone!  

But who gets credit you may ask?  YOU!  100% of the commission goes in your pocket!  Well heck....  That is different isn't it?  You are our priority.

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