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At Simplicity, we are your businesses one stop resource for all of your needs

ABout Dwayne

Simplicity was founded by a group of industry professionals that know one thing, credit card processors can be a pain! From sales agents, to dealing with the service (or lack of) the industry has been known to have its downfalls. 

We want to change that, we want to be the exception to the rule in processing, we want to be the company that provides each business with a transparent and valuable service, technology matched by no other company and tailored to your needs, quick transfers of funds to your bank, and last but not least a fair price thats easy to understand. At the end of the day, we want your experience with us to be one you can describe to your friends as this;


The Top 7 Things To Evaluate About Your Current Processor:
​​1. Do I have a dedicated sales rep that is local and I can contact directly?

2. Do I have next-day funding?

3. Do I know what fees I'm paying and why?

4. Am I paying any hidden fees?

5. Is my processor protecting my business with end-to-end encryption?

6. Do I have a 24/7/365 U.S. based customer service line?

7. Do I fully trust and feel comfortable with my processor?

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which solution works for you?

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