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A simple totally automated buy-now, pay-later plan than can APPROVE ALL customers, regardless of credit and financial profile. This can be offered to any consumer that can't pay using traditional methods or does not qualify for other third-party financing solutions. With Flexx EZPay Plan, a business never has to lose a potential sale again. This can be utilized for any kind of sale: face-to-face, telephone, etc. This can be used in a split sale where the customer can pay part of the sale through other means and utilizes this program to complete it. This can be used for accounts receivables and re-marketing to previous customers and leads. Missed and failed payments are reprocessed in real time and followed up with auto emails and texts. Standard Program: Business gets paid monthly as they are collected. Defaults are low because to the consumer this looks like any other third party financing option. The payments are processed via debit or credit card through a third party. Guaranteed Program: The business is paid monthly and is paid even if consumer misses payments or even defaults. There is no recourse to the business. There is no credit check on the customer. Can be used for specific business verticals (see below). Program Details Standard Program:


● 100% approved ● Any length term ● Any amount ● Any business vertical ● Customer pays 5% plus $3 per month for length of term ● Business pays 5% discount Guaranteed Program: ● 100% approved ● Amounts from $500 to $2,500 ● No credit check ● Customer pays 10% to 20% convenience fee at time of sale (based on income, debt-to-income ratio, length of employment and other criteria) ● Term is 6 to 24 months ● Business pays 5% ● Accepted verticals- Dental, Medical Aesthetic/MedSpa, Veterinarian, Chiropractic, Medical Specialists, Home Security Systems, Other Home Improvement Businesses That Have Established Relationship With Their Customers

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