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ABout blaine

I'm Blaine Fallis from Katy Texas. I have worked in computer-related jobs for many years, starting as a Software Resource Account Manager, later a Project Manager for Tiger Software, and  then progressed to a writer for the now defunct My job there was to manage the Jazz topic via articles, reviews, and a newsletter. I chose that topic due to my background as an electric bass player. Music led me to Texas when I was 18 to study at the famed University of North Texas Jazz program.


I am Google certified, and am very well acquainted with the issues small businesses face when it comes to succeeding online. I am happy to now work with Simplicity Payments, whose expertise is in Credit Card Processing, Consumer Financing, Marketing, Commercial/Residential Power and Loans, which is why I signed up. Simplicity is a great match for me and I am looking forward to showing you how it can be a great match for your company as well!

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The Top 7 Things To Evaluate About Your Current Processor:
​​1. Do I have a dedicated sales rep that is local and I can contact directly?

2. Do I have next-day funding?

3. Do I know what fees I'm paying and why?

4. Am I paying any hidden fees?

5. Is my processor protecting my business with end-to-end encryption?

6. Do I have a 24/7/365 U.S. based customer service line?

7. Do I fully trust and feel comfortable with my processor?

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