Plasma Center - POB sales 

Single position - nationwide 

This position is a commission based, work from home position requiring you to find plasma donation centers across the nation that offer pre-paid ATM debit cards as compensation for donations.  We then find the business across the street, or to the left and right that could potentially cash those pre-paid ATM cards.  This is easily done with Google maps and then zooming in with the street view.  Using services like you can track down the business owners information and set the appointment.  We will provide you with virtual presentation software as well as a presentation.

We have current customers and we can use their statistics to help you! 

  • Our average customer is making $1,500 per month by simply cashing pre-paid ATM cards with our POB.

  • Seeing 25-100 additional potential customers per day with 50% conversion.

Here is where this gets ridiculous........ 

We offer traditional processing as well.  It is likely that your potential customer is already processing credit cards so when you offer this as a package that goes with our processing (bundle it) then you get 2 sales in one.  (POB sales is your primary goal however!).  Here is an example of how it can be pitched...

  • Current processing bill is $500 per month deficit

  • Our POB option will make your company $1,500 per month positive

  • Net positive $1,000 to the company......

  • AND we drive you more customers in the process to increase sales even more. Possibly $500 per month positive?

  • Because this is a bundle we can actually save you $50 on the traditional processing as well!

  • Net Positive $1,550 to the company with additional  foot traffic as well!

Your Pay

1) Our average income to Simplicity per account is $500.00.  When we receive it, you will immediately be paid.

  • First Month - 100% of the first months income. ($500.00)

  • Monthly Residual - 10%. ($50.00)

  • Starter Bonus Week 2 / Week 3 - $500 each period for a total of $1,000.00 if you make at least one sale per period.

2) Because you are bundling the regular processing with it, its conservatively fair to say that at least half of the accounts will be able to be converted.  Each of these accounts will bring about $50 per month in residuals as well.  It can be any number depending on the type of business but lets low ball it here.

3) Each time you make a sale these customers are needing equipment.  The equipment can be sold to them or leased to them.  If you sell it to them, we recommend that you mark it up at least $100.00.  That belongs to you.  If you do that once a week that is $400.00.  The other option is to lease it.  By leasing it, you can make about $400.00!  Lets say you lease it twice per month and sell it the other two times. That said we are doing POB and regular processing so we are talking 8 pieces of equipment! So... 4x $400.00 = $1,600 and 4x $100.00 = $400.00 for an additional $2,000.00 per month. 

Here is an example of a sales rep that makes one sales per week at our average account size bringing in $500.00 per month (POB) and $50 per month (regular processing) in income to the company. Notice that you are basically getting a $200.00 per month pay raise every month!

  • Week 2 - $500.00 (Starter Bonus)

  • Week 3 - $500.00 (Starter Bonus)

  • Month 1 - $4,200.00 (4x 100% first month + $2K equipment)

  • Month 2 - $4,420.00 (4x 100% first month + 4x 10% residual + $2K equipment)

  • Month 3 - $4,640.00 (4x 100% first month + 8x 10% residual+ $2K equipment)

  • Month 6 - $5,300.00 (4x 100% first month + 20x 10% residual + $2K equipment)

  • Month 12 - $6,720.00 (4x 100% first month + 44x 10% residual+ $2K equipment)


Total first year commissions: $66,520.00

Total second year commission: $96,600.00 

Total third year commission: $128,280.00 

Vested 3 months later with lifetime residuals having made $326,820.00.


When you make 50 new business sales per year there is a 10% of your annual commission bonus!  In this example worth $6,652.00 that first year, $9,600.00 the second, etc.

Lifetime Residuals

When you are able to bring in a total of $10,000.00 per month in residuals from the 10% calculations, and hold them for one year, you have earned lifetime residuals!  This means we will pay you on your accounts for the rest of your life weather you work for Simplicity or not!​  Based upon the average numbers above, you could be vested with lifetime residuals in just barely over 3 years working this position with Simplicity.  


Fill out the questionnaire here simply to let us know you are interested. This helps us learn a little more about you.  We will reach out after!  Thank you!